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I want to thank the entire staff for finally helping me manage my chronic pain from arthritis.  It's been years since the pain began taking away all the things I loved to do - now I'm able to enjoy more of my life again.  You are all life-savers in my mind.

Orlando, FL

TO:  Dr. Jaleel and Staff:

I have been living with severe chronic pain for the last 11 years and until now, not one chronic pain doctor provided the treatment that you have in the 5 months since I found your office.

I had no idea that I had Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis or the other painful spine conditions that you identified after my first thorough examination since a bad car accident in 1998.  You saw the the damage from an accident in 1998 from MRIs & xrays, but you didn't stop there, you examined my entire spine and found that over the years, I had developed chronic pain conditions that were causing such intense pain.

From my first visit, I am more active, I'm earning a living again and I have had more 'good days' in these last 5 months than I've had the entire 11 years since that auto accident in 1998.

Thank you Dr. Jaleel and your staff - I would not trade my Chronic Pain Team for anything,  I'm living my life now instead of simply surviving it.

Deland, FL




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